Animal Control - Lost and Found

Protecting Fido from Getting Lost

Losing a pet is especially difficult when it could have been prevented.
•Register your pet at City Hall and get a license tag.
•Place a collar with identification such as license or rabies vaccination tag on your pet. Tags with name and phone number are helpful.
•Talk to your veterinarian about permanent methods of pet identification, such as a microchip.
•Have your pet spayed or neutered.
•Secure your fence. Be sure your pet can't dig or climb his way out.
•Keep a photo of your pet on file for identification.  

What to do if Your Pet is Lost
•Search the immediate area. Most pets are found by neighbors.
•Contact City Hall daytime phone number 210-824-3281, after hours dispatch number 210-822-2000.
•Provide a picture or description of your pet and a telephone number.
•Check with local veterinarians.

What to do if You Find a Pet
•Contact City Hall. We may have information about the animal daytime phone number 210-824-3281, ◦after hours dispatch number 210-822-2000.
•Follow-up on tags animal is wearing.
•Check with your neighbors.
•Contact local veterinarians.


Olmos Park City Hall, 120 W. El Prado, San Antonio, Texas 78212 Phone:210-824-3281