Olmos Park City Special Projects Include


New Streetlights  Olmos Park continues to improve the ambiance and safety of our neighborhood by installing decorative electric lights to illuminate areas of the city previously unlit.

In phase 1 of the streetlight project, electric street lighting was installed in the the neighborhood south of Olmos Drive, between Shook and Judson Avenues.

In phase 2 City Public Service is installing nine of the same lights on the east side of Contour Drive between Olmos and Wildwood. They will be surveying, digging trenches, connecting electricity and installing the lights over the next six months. ... read more and see map.

Refurbished Streetlights  The city has begun refurbishing the fifty-four gaslights, about five per month. Don’t be surprised if you notice some of them are missing. They will return to their spot within six weeks, just like new, ready to supply light for passers-by for twenty to thirty more years.

Railroad Quiet Zone

The Olmos Park railroad quiet zone is now in effect. Trains should not sound their horns unless a dangerous situation is observed on the tracks.

If you hear a train horn, please note the time, the date, and, if possible, the direction the train is moving and the train intersection where the sound is coming from. Email the information to Councilman Jeff Judson who will forward it to the City of San Antonio and to Union Pacific Railroad At the September, 2010, council meeting, checks totaling $96,100 were presented to representatives from the City of San Antonio for the Railroad Quiet Zone. Of that, $56,603 was from the general fund and $39,497 was from the school crossing guard fund.  

Olmos Park City Hall, 120 W. El Prado, San Antonio, Texas 78212 Phone:210-824-3281